An Interview With A Mod

Firstly, can I ask you, who or what inspires your ‘mod’ look? 

Well, I myself am quite a traditional Mod, or so to speak, I love looking at the excitement of the shrinking of the skirt and the simplicity of the classic shift dress in striking colours and hints of monochrome. But my inspiration comes from Twiggy and Penelope Tree, their elfin faces with their bold make-up play a particular role in my everyday make-up routine, as you can tell!

That then leads on to my next question, talk us through what you’re wearing today? 

I’m wearing a classic black and white jersey shift dress with a black peter-pan collar with white binding trim, it’s from a local vintage independent store. Then some mustard yellow lace up brogues with black frilly trim ankle socks. I’ve got a wool blend over sized boyfriend coat that’s checked with tones of mustard yellow, peach, browns and creams. My make-up is obviously twiggy inspired, however toned down with hints of neutral shades, lips are a shade of dusky peach.

Music wise, what artists do you like listening to from the 60’s? 

I’d have to say the Beatles, I know it’s obvious but they were the 60’s, no doubt about that! I’d also have to say Elvis pops up a lot in my playlist along with some Bob Dylan, The Supremes, The Rolling Stones and some Johnny Cash.

What would you most enjoy about living in the 60’s era? 

I think I would have loved the everyday sense of rivalry between us mods and rockers, it would have been electric! But mostly I’d say exploring what was new at the time, it must have been so thrilling for style to have changed so rapidly over a decade!

mods                              pen

Bibliography and Links: 

The Fashion Book, Phaidon, Second Edition 2013, pages: 523 and 528

First Photo:

Second Photo:

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